Friday, August 5, 2022

Author Bruce Goldwell Announces Weekly/Monthly Drawings - A Chance to Win Amazon Gift Cards


Author Bruce Goldwell Announces Weekly/Monthly Drawings - A Chance to Win Amazon Gift Cards

Bruce Goldwell, an inspirational writer, calls his fans to participate in drawings for Amazon gift cards. The author has written a number of inspiring self-help and fantasy-adventure books for teens. He is now aiming to return something to his fans by giving away Amazon gift cards through weekly and monthly drawings.

Since 2006 Bruce Goldwell has been writing adventure-filled fantasy novels for teens and self-help books. His main motivation to write books and novels is to educate the younger generation on guiding principles of success. Goldwell’s novels series consist of Starfighters and Dragon Keepers. Some of his self-help books are Rewrite Your Mind and The Secret to Success Isn't Really A Secret. These books are available in e-book as well as paperback format on Amazon.

Goldwell wants to reward his reader fans and give something back to them as a gesture of being loyal readers. Goldwell’s fans can now win Amazon Gift Cards by participating in weekly and monthly drawings. By registering for Goldwell’s weekly newsletter, fans are entered to win Amazon gift cards once a week and once a month. These newsletters are a great way to stay updated with the latest offers, special offers, free eBooks, and 99 cents discounted books.

Talking about this drawing event, Goldwell says: “I have been blessed with some of the finest fans that love to read my books. I wish to provide them with a reward of some sort. Therefore, I’ve decided to hold weekly and monthly drawings, where fans can win Amazon Gift Cards weekly and monthly.”

Bruce Goldwell wants to be the catalyst for a change. He writes for the younger generation and wishes for them to have a successful and prosperous life. Goldwell is an advocate of the law of attraction. He believes reading creates new perspectives and affects a positive cultural shift in how people think about success and how to achieve it.

For more information on Goldwell's books, visit and click the link on the left column of the page. To register for the newsletter, CLICK HERE.

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