Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Goldwell Fantasy Books for Teens


Goldwell Fantasy
Books For Teens

Starfighter Defending Earth is
a Space Opera by Bruce Goldwell

Fantasy writer Bruce Goldwell introduces his new book series, Starfighters, the first book of which will be released June 2022 - Defending Earth.

Backstory: The Galactian Federation established many centuries ago, has maintained peace throughout the known universe. They do so by implementing a set of laws, followed by all those who join the Federation. The foremost of these laws is not to interfere with any planets that have not yet developed the technology to be capable of intergalactic travel.

For the most part, law and order prevail under the rule of those who are elected to sit upon the Federation’s Council, however, some prefer not to join the Federation, and who lead their way through the universe.

One of these groups is a species known as the Thrall. They are a violent, greedy species who only wish to consume and better themselves. Even the Thrall cannot trust their own. This species moves from world to world, using up all the resources for their gain, before leaving nothing but a shell behind. There is only one force that can stand up to them, the Galactian Federation, and specifically their Starfighters.

The Starfighters are a group of elite spacecraft pilots, named after the agile ships that they command. They assist the Federation in maintaining their precious peace, but there are some limitations to their power.

Because they are strictly under the control of the Galactian Federation, they must abide by all the laws created by the order. Under no circumstances can they break any of these laws, especially not the greatest of them all. Even if a planet is in imminent danger, it cannot interfere and allow that planet to discover the existence of extraterrestrial life before it is ready. This rule was put in place to protect species on planets that did not have technology advanced enough to defend themselves from the other creatures that traversed the universe, but now it will lead to the death of a planet. The Thrall have set their eyes on Earth, with its vast pool of resources, and there is nothing that anyone in the Federation can do about it.

One member of the Council of the Galactian Federation does not let that stop him.

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