Kickstarter for Starfighters Defending Earth


Kickstarter Gig for Starfighters Defending Earth

I just launched a Kickstarter gig with autographed copies of my new Sci-fi titled Starfighters Defending Earth. I am looking for those interested in Sci-fi adventure books and looking for a good read. If you are interested in a signed and numbered copy of the book, please check out the Kickstarter page. I have some great rewards for those who back the project. I have created an exclusive offer for Kickstarter backers for the first 100 autographed and numbered copies of the book. The first 100 people to back the project for books 1-100 will be entered in a registry for copy numbers 1-100. You are invited to come to check out this Gig and claim one of the first autographed and numbered copies (1-100) of Starfighters Defending Earth.

Kickstarter Project

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter crowdfunding is a funding platform that connects artists, designers, and developers with people who want to support their creative projects. it is a tool that allows people to support creative projects, and help artists, designers, and developers fund their creative projects.

Crowdfunding is a new business model that allows individuals and businesses to fund creative projects through the Internet. Crowdfunding is a relatively new business model that has started to gain momentum in recent years. Project owners offer rewards to potential backers in exchange for funding their projects. Crowdfunding has been used to fund everything from movies and music to art and scientific research. Crowdfunding has also been used to fund the development of new products and services. Crowdfunding has the potential to affect the lives of millions of people.

It doesn't cost project owners any money to run a crowdfunding project via Kickstarter, a 5% fee is charged by Kickstarter for the service. The fee is set by Kickstarter and is not negotiable. The fee is based on the total amount raised by the project. A short waiting period is required after a project has been successfully funded; before the funds are released to the project owner. This waiting period is designed to give the project owner a chance to confirm that they will be able to deliver on their promises. If a project owner fails to deliver on their promises, Kickstarter reserves the right to take back the money and return it to the project backers. Kickstarter also reserves the right to withhold the money if the project owner is found to have acted fraudulently.

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